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Thoracic Surgery:
Thoracic surgery, or cardiothoracic surgery, is performed in the thorax, or chest area. A thoracic or cardiothoracic surgeon may perform surgery on the heart, lungs, valves or other organ in the thorax area. Surgeries performed in the thorax area include: lung surgery, heart surgery (coronary artery bypass), valve replacement, lung transplantation or heart transplantation.

Transplant Hepatology:
Transplant hepatology is the field of medicine that deals with liver transplants. A hepatologist is a physician who specializes in diseases and disorders of the liver. This specialist may coordinate treatment with a transplant surgeon for a patient who requires a liver transplant due to liver disease or liver failure. During transplant surgery, the diseased liver is removed and a new liver is placed in the same location. This surgery is done through a large incision in the upper abdomen, and is performed under general anesthetic in a hospital.