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Vascular Neurology:
Vascular neurology is the study and treatment of vascular diseases of the nervous system. A neurologist is a physician who diagnoses and treats nervous system disorders. A vascular neurologist treats patients who have disorders of the veins and arteries in the nervous system. Diseased vessels that provide circulation to the nervous system can generate problems such as a stroke or hemorrhage that affects the brain or spinal cord.701

Volume is the number of cases for which a physician has performed a procedure or treated a condition during the last year. This information is from physician self-reported data.
What this means to you.
Typically, the more experience a physician has performing a procedure or treating a condition, the better the results will usually be. If you are choosing a physician because you need a specific surgery or treatment for a serious medical condition (heart disease, cancer, etc.), compare your physician's experience with the experience of other physicians. Some procedures/conditions require more of the physician's time than others; therefore, you may notice variations in the number of cases associated with one procedure/condition compared to another.